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Whether you’re just about to start a collection of records, or you’re a DJ that is looking for some old school beats that are hard to find, you’ll have much more luck searching online than you will spend hours looking through a small record shop for a piece of gold.

Dancingvinyl.com is an online European store based in Spain that offers the largest selection of dance vinyl records online. We have record albums in every electronic music genre and in various formats available ready to be shipped at your doorstep.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records, or just records, were trendy during the 20th Century and continued to thrive despite new technology and new ways to record music. A vinyl record is played on an LP player by having a needle touching the groove around the vinyl disc in a spiral. Most vinyls have music on both sides, providing extra space for more songs.

For the electronic music enthusiast, the needle scratching the record and the slight static sound in the background due to the player is the best sound.

Never Out of Production

The great thing about dance vinyl records is that they never went out of production, despite attempts to replace them. Nowadays, vinyl is seeing a resurgence when CD shops are gone bust, and hardly anyone is buying CDs anymore. Vinyl records provide much higher sound quality than most other formats, providing electronic music lovers with a pure sound that most CDs cannot achieve.

As each year passes, fewer and fewer records are being sold because of the rarity of the medium, but the few stores that exist still manage to prosper and sell old LPs to adoring fans.

Collectible Vinyl Records

Vinyl records quickly became collectible, and many are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds when in mint condition. Such examples include Elvis Presley and early Michael Jackson records, as they may be re-released, but you can never replicate an original. Many people also collect and display the covers from the sleeves that records come in, proving that vinyl records were an incredible invention for the music industry.

Buying Second-hand Dance Vinyl Records for Sale

If you submit the words: “buy used vinyls” or “vinyls for cheap” into a search engine, chances are you’ll locate online stores that sell an assortment of dance music albums at a range of different prices. You will notice that much of the inventory is sealed, used, or has cover art that has a bend or fading. Much of this is because of the age of the record.

Dance vinyls for sale online or in-store are copies of records, albums that have been used but maintained in storage and sold to a company, or sealed LPs donated from a music label.