The best Pleasure toys for women in 2023

Naturally, its deep vibrations feel fantastic on that spot, but you can also mix things up and use this toy for clitoral stimulation when you want to. The Mona 2 has six vibration modes, and its length makes for some pleasurable internal stimulation. A favorite among sex-cam performers, the Lovense Lush is an internal vibrator that sits inside the vagina and can be easily removed with its external arm. Best of all, the toy can be controlled remotely—a turn-on for people with partners who travel frequently. Before play, you sync the app to the toy, and you’ll be able to see a visual chart of your orgasms, as well as track how different factors (such as alcohol, caffeine, stress, etc.) affect them.

If you wish to use a lubricant with your toy , keep in mind that only water-based lube is safe to use with all types of toys. Oil-based lubricants are not just unsafe for use with condoms but can also interact badly with toys made of soft plastic or rubber, causing the devices to disintegrate or to leach chemicals . Silicone lubricants are great for anal play, but unfortunately they interact negatively with silicone toys. Keeping sex toys clean is extremely important for helping to prevent sexually transmitted infections, especially if you share your toys with partners. We recommend that you cover your toys with a condom when sharing them with partners, especially if it’s someone with whom you are not fluid-bonded .

The best vibrators and sex toys to buy now

The Vesper stainless steel vibrator doubles as a necklace to discreetly take on the go. Loads of vibrators are technically portable, but there’s just something extra sneaky and sexy about walking into Tesco with a vibrator around your neck. You’ll notice the difference when the Lelo’s tactile response function starts increasing intensity on its own — a much more natural progression than the traditional wand. The Lelo Smart Wand is different because it was made specifically for use down below, with vibrations made specifically for clitoral arousal and not for kneading a back ache.

If you’re feeling weird about bringing a vibe on vacation, consider this option from LELO that looks like a mascara tube. It’s ideal for traveling, thanks to the sleek design and travel lock that ensures it won’t start buzzing in your bag. When you’re settled in the hotel room and ready to use it, you’ll get to enjoy six different speeds and five vibration patterns, plus a lengthy two-hour battery life.

The switch sits high enough on the handle that testers were unlikely to switch it off accidentally during use . We found that it lasted three and a half hours at maximum speed, sex toys for women spread out over a series of 20-minute intervals; it may last longer at lower speeds. If it runs out of power, you can connect it to the removable AC cord and continue using it.

As one of the best anal sex toys and butt plugs for sale, it more than earns its spot here. That said, not all sex toys deserve a spot in your nightstand, and finding the best sex toys for women can quickly go from exciting to overwhelming. That’s because new sex toys are being released all the time, and there are so many categories to consider, from oral sex toys to traditional vibrators. That’s why we’re here — to guide you through the exciting world of women’s sex toys, offering expert insights, reviews, and personal recommendations to help you discover new ways to stimulate your body and mind. A finger vibrator, as the name suggests, is designed to be worn on your fingers, allowing for easy maneuvering. Lovelife Rev is designed with accessibility in mind, meaning it’s easy to grip, holds your fingers securely in place, and features just a single button.